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Buying a bikini? The tips and tricks!

How will I look at the beach? Will the bikini fit well on me? Although most women dream of a certain figure, this is not always feasible. Every woman is built differently: for example if you have wide hips, you cannot change this with more exercising or eating less if your body is build like this. Here are the tips bikini!

The average size of the a UK woman is size 16 (size 16 UK = 12 US; Source: Daily Mail). Which the average man loves! So do not let yourself be fooled by fashion magazines, TV, or anything else. But: do try to dress well! Put extra emphasis on your positives and not focus on a few things that you do not like about yourself. Precisely those points make you special and sexy.

Choose a model that suits you!

Bikini type

Make a good choice for what kind of top and bottom you want. The key is that you should feel good in it. Preferably buy a Normal bottom if you do not like and/ or feel sexy in a Brazilian bottom. Also do not choose a Halter bikini if you have a large cup size and plan to exersize on the beach.

Difference halter and triangle bikini top:

Difference euro, brazilian and thong bikini bottom:

Strings or not?

Strings make your hips look smaller. If you do not take a bikini with strings (like the more traditional bikini bottoms), your hips will look bigger and this will emphasize your figure.

Mix and match

New in the bikini fashion is "mix and match". Previously you could only buy bikini sets. In other words, a bikini top and bottom that belong together. Today this is different and you put your own top and bottom together.

Choose the color with your skin color!

Bikini color



Choose the right size!

Bikini size

The most important thing of a bikini it that it fits! Before you buy a bikini, so you see the size chart.

While to remember: it's not about what size you have, but whether the bikini fit! Whether it is a large or small size, is irrelevant. A too small or too big bikini does not look good on the beach.

Do not be seduced by different sizes of different bikini brands. A size "S" of brand X can be the same size as size "M" of brand or type Y. It's about the hip (for bottoms) and cup (for tops) size that you actually have.

Are you not sure about your size and are you between sizes? Take the larger size. Sometimes it is said you will look thinner in a bigger size.

Once you have the bikini at home, cut the size and care label out! But always wash your bikini after swimming by hand and dot in the washing machine!

Buying your bikini online: exciting!

You can have multiple reasons to buy your bikini line, for example:

  1. Nice and easy: no more going to the store!
  2. You hate those cramped changing rooms;
  3. Always the newest and most unique bikinis. So no more H&M bikini that almost everyone has!
  4. You can mix your own bikini at Lagoen. Decide for yourself which top and bottom type you want. But also determine the size and color of the two parts separately.

It may be difficult if you do not know how certain bikini types will look or how the color in real life would look like. However, many online stores have good return policies, so you do not need to fear to be saddled with a bikini that you do not like or do not fit.

See how easily you can return the bikini to Lagoen at our Exchange & Return page.


a bikini usually means sun, sea and the beach! Relaxing in the summer. Take this feeling of happiness and relaxation also when buying a bikini!
After reading these bikini tips and tricks: good luck!!