The Dutch bikini brand Lagoen is for sale via With our amazing patterns and perfectly fitting bikini stock! At the moment you cannot order bikinis for a while. We hope to see you again in the spring!

About Lagoen

Lagoen is a European Dutch bikini brand. Made with passion. Inspired by places like Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Istanbul (Turkey) and Kralendijk (Bonaire). LAGOEN's name comes from the word 'Lagoon'. Which is a shallow water, separated from a larger body of water. We are inspired by beaches and lakes around the world. Which make our dream come true.

100% designed in Holland

All products of our brand are 100% designed in Holland. By fashion designers with a lot of experience with female curves. Precisely because swimwear does not cover a lot, a good fit is so important. By testing our products with real Dutch women and designers, we were able to achieve the best result.

Made in Europe

LAGOEN bikini's are 100% Made in Europe. We care about where our products come from and this is why we produce our swimwear in Europe and use European Quality fabrics only. In all our work and processes, we care for quality, workmanship and materials, we care for the people we work with and we care for our environment. LAGOEN is handmade in Turkey.


The stylish Lagoen logo consists of two intermittent curves. These are the female curves. They come together. You can combine the separates yourself on our website. You can develop your own style. Which you can choose customise.


How you order a Lagoen bikini on this website:

  1. Search our bikini tops, bikini bottoms, bikini sets or flip-flops.
  2. Go to a product detail page;
  3. Click on the blue button "Add to bag";
  4. You now end up in your shoppingbag. At the same way you can add another product or finalize your order on this page;
  5. Filling your shipping details and click on "Continue";
  6. Select a payment method and click on "Continue"
  7. Double check your order and click on "Correct, checkout"
  8. You will now end up in your payment environment. As soon as you have completed your payment you will return to our website.
  9. After successful payment your order will be shipped at latest the next business day. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once shipped.

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