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Skincare: sun cream

Beach, bikini, sun cream

You can be beautiful in a bikini, but not without good sun protection. Have you ever been in sun the, but got out painful at the end of the day? Well.. that can happen to anyone sometimes. Perhaps you did not put enough sun cream on, or not regularly enough or perhaps not at all: after a lovely beach day your skin can feel less delightful or look ugly at night.
Although opinions about sunscreen and skin care in general sometimes diverge, we try to summarize it for you!

Being beautiful: the advantages of sun cream

Enjoy the Sun, but make sure you do not get burned.

Although some people may simply not do: there is a reason. Because of sun cream your skin tans gradually. This makes it more "even brown", makes it not burn and your skin does not get older that fast. Besides reducing the chance of skin cancer significantly.

Our tips

Apply sunscreen before you go sunbathing

Woman who applies sun cream

We experience it regularly: a friend is sitting next to you on the beach and applies sun cream for this first time that day. This is too late. Sun cream needs 15 to 30 minutes before you are optimal protected. The cream gets attached to the skin (you do not wipe it off as quickly) in this time and protects you only afterwards.

Shake well before use

Sun cream contains different ingredients. If your cream is not used for a while (this varies from product to product), then the ingredients trigger apart and you have the chance only one or a few ingredients will end up on your skin. All ingredients of a sun cream are even as important, so shake the container well before use!

Apply enough!

Whether you sun cream was cheap or very expensive: to protect an average adult body you need 35 grams (six well-filled tea spoons). The more you apply, the more protection you have.

Vulnerable Zones

Take your time to apply the cream. Do not only put it on your nose, arms and legs, but apply it also to your ears, shoulders, hands and neck. How crazy some parts may sound, do not forget: the armpit and the bottom of your feet. Women who sunbathe topless, would do well to extra protect the nipples.

Bothered by mosquitoes?

Note: anti-mosquito cream (e.g. DEET) reduces the effects of your sun cream. You however usually use these products together, but only if you are using a higher sun cream factor than usual.

Shelf life: just throw away your old cream!

Is your sun cream or after sun cream over one year open? Throw it away! Preferably replace it with a new one for optimum protection. See your sunscreen packaging for the exact shelf life and how long it is still useable after opening.

The art of repetition

Apply at least every two hours, and always after swimming, toweling, sports, playing, working and/ or showering. How waterproof your suns cream promises to be: you can never have enough. The cream always gets off your skin or is repealed so fat that its effect is decreased.

Video tip!

YouTube video about sun cream

Dr Jessen talk to sun worshippers about using sun cream to protect their skin. This series explores the conditions and ailments that leave many of us a little red-faced and aims to de-stigmatize common complaints.

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